Inga B. Ruddell is the creator of Wild Peak Wellness. She runs a small private wellness practice where she helps others regain control of their health and heal from chronic illness and pain. She holds a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States, and she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Western Oregon University.

Inga is comfortable working with a variety of individuals and  health conditions. Her professional and educational experiences has given her a unique perspective on how to approach inner healing through nutrition, movement and lifestyle practices. Inga is an individual of many interests, skills and passions. She strives to provide the most current, evidence-based information to assist her clients on their unique path to wellness. 

To serve and empower others to take control of their health and live a life full of optimism, vitality and hope is what she is driven to do. She believes that health is not a matter of reaching a destination, but rather a continual, unique, individual journey of progression and growth of the mind and body together, that occurs over a lifetime. Inga has gained much of her experience through a variety of wellness modalities and is on a mission to transform healthcare and the treatment of chronic disease. She is driven to assist motivated individuals that seek a unique perspective on working with the body to heal from within.

When she is not working with her clients or researching, she can be found spending time in nature, hiking, running, playing disc golf, traveling, and enjoying life with her family and friends.  


Photography by: Posh Pear Photography