Humans are designed to move and play throughout all stages of life. It is really as simple as that. Our modern sedentary lifestyles have slowly caused a shift in how our bodies function and move efficiently or rather, inefficiently. It doesn't have to be that way. 


Movement has been shown to improve our ability to cope with stress. Do you incorporate movement into your daily routine? If so, how? If not, how would you like to?



Depending on what your goals are, movement can do a lot for you. Not just on a physical level, but psychologically as well. Do you need a form of movement that is calming or meditative to help wind down after a crazy day? Or do you seek a form of movement to push you to your limits? It is up to you! Whatever form of movement you do, be sure you find it rewarding and fun.  


Movement heals the body from within. We live in a hectic and environmentally toxic world. Move to build confidence, move to reduce systemic inflammation, move to detoxify, move to stay young, move to be in control of your health, and move to set an example for others, especially our youth.