"To empower and educate all towards a life full of vitality by enabling the body to heal itself from within through lifestyle and environmental modifications."


It is the goal of Wild Peak Wellness to inspire and encourage self-growth and change through the understanding of how nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices influence our health. Chronic pain and illness have become an accepted state of existence for many of us. It does not have to be that way. Here, we understand the many difficulties of making healthy choices in a society full of media bombardments and confusing information. Have hope. By understanding the principles of evidence-based nutrition, epigenetics, human movement and environmental medicine, one can promote inner healing.


At Wild Peak Wellness, we are passionate about patient education, pain relief, lifestyle modification and disease prevention through an evidence-based approach. We utilize the methodology of lifestyle medicine, integrative medicine and functional medicine, which is ultimately a dynamic approach to assessing, preventing, and treating chronic disease. Functional medicine assists clinicians in identifying dysfunctions in the physiology and biochemistry of the human body as a primary way of improving health. Furthermore, chronic disease is almost always a result of a lengthy period of declining function in the systems of the body. The goal then, is to assist individuals in reversing the dysfunctions that have contributed towards chronic disease and pain.